Bailing Water In The Middle East

Bailing water in the Middle East.

Slow progress people, very slow progress. But when you are bailing water, and the water subsides by even a quarter inch, well I guess we should point to that as progress.

Hamas is renouncing suicide attacks! (See here) a Guardian article that reports on this. (Credit goes to Boris Epstein of Building a Pyramid that called this to my attention.) My only question is whether this declaration carries any real weight? Is this declaration going to be followed through with the "majority" of Palestinians taking real action to end suicide bombings, or are we going to see continued "leaks" of suicide bombers without any attempts by the Palestinian people to plug the leaks? Will we continue to see the deaths of suicide bombers, and the deaths they caused, openly celebrated? Is this just another case of all talk and no action?

I was also going to point at attempts by the "Arab bloc" to get United Nations Security Council action on Israeli artillery barrages into Gaza in response to Qassam rocket barrages into Israel. For some reason a search of both Haaretz, and the Jerusalem Post where I saw these articles is unsuccessful. I did note, at Haaretz (see here) that these attempts have been abandoned.

I am still going to comment on these attempts. Does the "Arab bloc" think Israel should have to endure rocket barrages from Gaza without reprisal? After all, if we are attempting to honestly seek an end to the conflict, Gaza could serve as the model. Is the model that Israel must look at an example of endless rocket barrages as she gives up territory? Is what the Israeli right wing puts forth as true really true, that every withdrawal will be exploited by the Arab/Muslim right wing for an opportunity to "drive the Jews into the sea"? Is what Israel now experiences from Gaza evidence of what Israel is going to have to endure after Israel withdraws from the West Bank?

Israel withdrew TOTALLY from Gaza. For this withdrawal she is rewarded with WHAT? Israel is not going to withdraw TOTALLY from the West Bank. What is she expected to endure for this less then total withdrawal? (Look at the Geneva Accords for a model of what "something" might represent.)

If the Palestinians are willing to settle for that which I define as just, they do nothing to help me as I try to defend them. They most certainly thwart me as I would somehow try to paint them as reasonable while they adopt unreasonable positions.

I want to enable the Palestinian people to obtain a reasonable resolution as long as they are reasonable. I want the Palestinian people to openly, publicly, declare what their intentions are. "Them dirty Jews" are retreating. Personally I would describe it as regrouping to more solid foundations. But I am not going to be hesitant to describe "them dirty Arabs" as being dirty when the description fits. I still look at the charter of Hamas and shake my head. My head not only shakes but my mouth screams NO.

When it comes to suicide bombings, Hamas says "no more". This is signs of progress. Will this be the mouthing of words only or will we see real results.

Our side (us "dirty Jews", us "Dirty Crusaders/Christians), is going to act. Does the Muslim side want to be part of the action?

I still insist that Hamas renounces their vile charter. I still insist Hamas recognizes the right of Israel to exist. No "hudna". We are looking for something more permanent then a temporary peace.


Blogger Boris Epstein said...

When it comes to suicide bombings, Hamas says "no more". This is signs of progress. Will this be the mouthing of words only or will we see real results.

Good point, David!

However, I think what matters most is whether or not they renounse terrorism as such. Whether a terrorist act involves a suicide bomber or some other method is, in my opinion, of secondary importance. It is terrorism itself - attacking civilians for the sake of spreading terror in the society - that is unacceptable and must be renounced.

In a word - if Hamas wants to fight Israel, they ought to fight their security forces, not their civilians. Whether for that purpose they use suicide bombers, or missiles, or engage in regular firefights - that is their choice, and, to an extent, their right as it is a right of any warring party. But attacks on civilian buses and such must stop!


4/16/2006 10:28:00 PM  
Blogger Little David said...

I agree with your point about stopping attacks on civilians for the sake of spreading terror.

You seem to argue that some forms of "legitimate resistance" should be allowed. But what then of Qassam rocket attacks? The Palestinians could claim they are really trying to attack, say, an electrical plant (there is one I believe within range) and that the rockets are just inaccurate. An electrical plant would be a legitimate military target.

If Hamas/Palestine is entitled to engage in this type of "legitimate resistance" (which would be allowed under international law) isn't Israel entitled to retaliate?

4/17/2006 05:25:00 AM  

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