Russia Promises Aid to Hamas

(See here) where the Chicago Tribune reports Russia has promised aid to the Hamas led government of Palestine. This has been reported by various other members of the media, including the Moscow Times website.

Once again Russia is breaking from the pack and going her own way. We have seen where Russia has bucked the Western World when it comes to Iranian nuclear enrichment, and now Russia is thumbing her nose at the Western World's efforts to isolate the government of Palestine until Hamas rejects violence, recognizes Israel and honors past peace agreements.

While some might claim it would be hypocritical to not allow Russia to have her own foreign policy, I am wondering when it becomes hypocritical to allow Russia to react as if she were a loose cannon on the deck. Why must it be that every time some effort is put into reaching an international consensus, Russia insists on standing nearly alone? Is there some gene in Russians that causes contrarianism?

I also can hear some barking that this is a strange complaint to be coming from an American, seeing as how America engaged in the unilateral (almost) invasion of Iraq. However I would point out that THIS American was against the invasion of Iraq, and one of the reasons I was against it was because we could not win a UN sanction and enough international support for the action.

In the case of Hamas, Russia is even part of the Quartet. Doesn't Russia remember what the Roadmap to Peace calls for? Yes there are problems with the Israeli side honoring requirements of the Roadmap as well, but once we can get the Palestinian side to again officially agree to the intent of the Roadmap, we can get to work on getting BOTH SIDES to honor their obligations outlined in the Roadmap.

Just how out of line are Russian actions when it comes to Palestine? Even Peace Now, while continuing to take actions for peace, agrees that Hamas can not be dealt with until Hamas meets certain requirements. Peace Now is a pretty tolerant group of people, and yet even they agree Hamas must change. Russia, with her promise of aid, seems to be patting Hamas on the back, telling them they do not need to change, and to keep at it.

(See here) a New York Times article that Iran has promised significant aid to Hamas. Seems Russia has at least one ally in the world. Sometimes this almost seems to look like it is habitual. What does Russia think on an issue, well, we better check with the Iranians first!

I wonder if Russia agrees with Iran and Hamas that Israel needs to be wiped off the map? This is the position of the people with whom Russia has allied herself.


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