Hamas Funding From A Palestinian Perspective

(See here) an article from the Palestine Chronicle written by James Brooks that discusses the funding of the Hamas led Palestinian government from a Palestinian perspective.

I see a big disconnect here. James argues that the Palestinians should not be held accountable for the manner in which they voted. To quote him:
The Palestinians' latest catastrophe shamefully reveals one of the ulterior
motives behind Washington's "democratization" agenda: Democracy will make Arabs accountable for their politics.

First let me wonder aloud just how grounded in reality James is. Does he really think the "evil American government" wanted, or somehow knew ahead of time, that Hamas would win the election?

Does James really expect the Western World to welcome the ascendance of Hamas with open arms? The same Hamas that has (what we would describe as, perhaps James has another description) an evil, twisted, vile charter (see it here).

Heck, the Western World was even motivated to try and assist Palestine while Arafat was in charge because he at least "officially" was willing to accept the existence of Israel even though he seemed to be little motivated to stop the violence against Israel. If anything, the Western World was almost hypocritical for allowing Arafat to get away with only "talking the talk" but not "walking the walk".

"Democracy will make Arabs accountable for their politics." That is the sentence James used as condemnation. I am going to use the sentence in praise. It is about time Palestinians are held accountable.

What were the words of the Prophet? Something like: "If they want peace we will give them peace. If they want war we will give them war."

Well now we have had free and fair elections in Palestine, and now we know just what the Palestinians want. They voted for war. According to the Prophet, we should give them what they want.

But of course us Christians, we will be motivated to not use food as a weapon (in a policy started I believe by Jimmy Carter) so even while we are at war, we will try to continue humanitarian aid while we wage war. But James even has a problem with that. Go read his article for yourself.


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