New Funding for Hamas

(See here) a Jerusalem Post article that reports on significant funding again being provided to Hamas, this time from Qatar.

(See here) a Haaretz article that includes condemnation of the most recent suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. Notice Russia is long on condemnation but there is not hint of withdrawing financial support from Hamas.

(See here) a Prensa Latina (Cuba) report on the failed attempt by the "Arab Bloc" to get the UN Security Council to condemn Israeli responses to Qassam rocket attacks from the "liberated" Gaza Strip.

Seems we are in for a world of doo doo people. Hamas won the democratic election, so the rest of the world is supposed to sit back while Hamas drives the Jews into the sea because they were democratically elected to do so.

I guess we can disregard the fact that the Jews voting in Israel might have a problem with this. Thus far they have voted to bring Olmert and Kadima into leadership. But if Olmert fails on "convergence" (or something better), and the violence continues, my guess is we are going to witness a resurgence of right wing voting in Israel and we are going to have to bow to this "democratically elected" government which insists on violence as well.

While the majority of the world is aligned, reasonably, against Hamas, some insist on pointing at us as being hypocrites. They expect that Israel should be forced to accept a government to come forth from the land they occupy, a government that is vowed to drive all their citizens into the sea, a government that will not even be happy with this unless all the citizens thus driven, drown.

We have witnessed the Israelis vote for "convergence" by majority vote. They are willing to withdraw even absent a "partner for peace". (Just what lines they must withdraw to is still open to dispute.)

We have witnessed the Palestinians vote for driving the Jews into the sea, again by majority vote, and forcing the Jews' heads under water once they are thus driven.

Now, you ask yourself which side holds the moral high ground. And watch who sends money to the side that occupies the cess pool.

I guess it is too much to expect beauty to spring from stench.


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