Is DDT Really Dangerous?

Is DDT really as dangerous to the environment as environmentalists claim?

(See here) an article by Steven Brockerman that argues studies show this is not the case, that in reality studies cited by environmentalists actually point to a different conclusion. That the harms to the environment that environmentalists claim is caused by DDT were either evident prior to the use of DDT or were due to other causes. That subsequent studies conducted by reputable institutions (such as Cornell University) "found no tremors, no mortality, no thinning of eggshells and no interference with reproduction caused by levels of DDT which were as high as those reported to be present in most of the wild birds where 'catastrophic' decreases in shell quality and reproduction have been claimed".

Perhaps studies should be conducted as to whether banning the use of DDT actually causes greater harm to the environment? My thoughts are that by banning use of small amounts of effective DDT, repetitive use of larger amounts of less effective pesticides are required. Is this really a good thing?

Perhaps it is time to reopen the DDT debate. Since the use of DDT has been banned, there has been a resurgence of pests such as bedbugs. What is worse is that incidences of malaria have been on the increase in tropical locations and malaria has been developing resistance to anti-malarial drugs.


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