Israel's Final Borders

(See here) a Haaretz article that reports unidentified senior American administration sources have indicated the United States will not recognize a final border as established by a unilateral Israeli withdrawal as being Israel's permanent frontier.

I respond with applause. Perhaps if the final borders resembled something like the Geneva Accords, I would urge recognition. However everything I have heard discussed does not seem to resemble anything like the Geneva Accords.

In the meantime, unilateral withdrawal is a step forward. It is progress, and progress in the right direction. It will demonstrate real, concrete steps towards a final settlement of the conflict by the Israeli side.

Quoting the article:
Any reasonable interpretation of international law, a legal expert said Tuesday, "cannot allow recognition of a border that was determined unilaterally."
More applause. Standing ovation. Perhaps there is a manner to determine final borders absent Hamas showing it can be a "partner for peace". However this would require the involvement of the UN Security Council, or perhaps negotiations with the Arab League.

Neither of the above alternatives are preferable to the involvement of the freely elected government of the Palestinians in negotiations. But for Hamas to be involved, they are going to have to give up their dream of driving the Jews into the sea. We're trying to negotiate a permanent peace agreement, and not a temporary hudna.


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