I Like France But...

I like France. When some within my country insisted upon calling French Fries "Freedom Fries" during the runup to the Iraq War, I gladly walked up to the counter and insisted upon being served French Fries. No "Freedom Fries" for me, thank you very much.

However when the French insist upon sticking their heads up their ass, I am going to insist upon telling them it stinks up there.

(See here) a Haaretz piece written by Amos Harel and Eli Ashkenazi that reports on recent statements by French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy.
"In the region there is of course such a country as Iran - a great country, a great people and a great civilization which is respected and plays a stabilizing role in the region," he told a news conference.

Now I only get to read excerpts from the statement. Perhaps I would not be so condemnatory if the French Foreign Minister had attempted to say that Iran "could" serve as a stabilizing force. However to describe current actions by the Iranian government as ALREADY serving as a stabilizing force is bullshit.

We are trying to get to a peace agreement after all. Is France going to be realistic or is France going to sign on with the enemy? Within Israel exists a moderate government that is still willing to withdraw from the West Bank in the pursuit of peace. The boundaries of the withdrawal is still open to negotiation, however this Israeli government is willing to acknowledge some type of withdrawal is necessary, unlike their adversaries who continue to insist the "Zionist entity" must be destroyed and all the Jews driven into the sea.

Hezbollah seeks the destruction of Israel. Iran actively supports Hezbollah. Now we see where France actively praises Iran for her actions.

OK, I now think I can logically come to the conclusion that France is starting to become a force which throws her weight behind forces that contribute towards instability. I will not descend into the obvious and sometimes humorous criticisms of "all things French". However I will not worship at the altar of French opinion. When the French opinion falters into error, I am going to speak against it.

Iranian efforts do not aid the struggle for peace in the Middle East. If France chooses to praise Iran for her efforts, then France too must be identified with those who seek to thwart a just resolution of the Middle East conflict.

Now I ask, what motivates France? Does France seek a just settlement or does some other goal motivate her?

I am at least going to demand that France stop trying to hide behind the moralistic shield of "humanity" while she scurries to further national advantage in an orgy of self interest.


Blogger Michael said...

Ah the hypocrisy of the French. They are such easy targets though the reality is that there isn't really that much difference between France and the United States.

The motivation of France should not be unfathomable to an American. It seeks to further its foreign policy goals of securing a stable energy (oil) supply in the longer term. That is in part served by good relations with Iran.

The US has recently done pretty much the same sort of arse licking in Central Asia with the visit by Cheney to to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Read here. (though your have to ignore some of the more extreme views, the facts of Cheney's friendly visits to the new oil rich and very much despotic nations is undesputed).

Michael Tam

8/01/2006 10:06:00 AM  
Blogger Little David said...

I will note that such hypocrisy might soon afflict the Australian government as well.

(See here) where it was reported that the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association predicted, back in 2004, that within 10 years Australia would be 78% dependent on imports for her oil needs.

It will be interesting to observe whether Australia will be able to resist the temptation to curry favor with the governments of oil exporting countries.

What are your own predictions for what will happen?

8/15/2006 09:24:00 PM  

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