Moderate Republicans

(See here) a Washington Post piece written by Jonathan Weisman that reports Republican moderates are starting to flex their muscles.

Led by such respected voices as Senator McCain from Arizona and Senator Warner from Virginia, we might be witnessing an earthquake. Moderate voices might be learning how to exercise their power. They do not have to yield to the extremists when the extremists scream for the unreasonable.

It is my understanding that the entire (probably not entire, someone will always try to make a name for him/herself) Democrat party is willing to back you. I think this is called a bipartisan solution. The Democrats might not get everything they want, but they are willing to follow leadership when the leadership is reasonable. They can either follow you moderates or settle for Dubyah's vision!

I do not see a problem with where moderate Republican leadership is directing us on these two issues. The key here is that we are witnessing moderate leadership where as in the past Republican leadership has tended to be extremist.

Damn, if we can get some of these Republican moderates to team up with some Democrat moderates, we might even be able to figure out how to "save the world" within a balanced federal budget.

Our train (our world) is headed for a trainwreck. Perhaps some reasonable moderates, grounded in reality, can help us apply the brakes.


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