Goodbye to Michael Tam

It is with great reluctance that I have removed my link to Michael Tam's Virtualis Medical Rants website.

Michael seems to have gone into other interests, in other words, he is going to concentrate more firmly on his occupation, medical care, and avoid subjects like politics. Perhaps he was frustrated by dealing with the opinions of people like me or something - grin.

Anyway, Michael seems to be concentrating his efforts on a new blog called The Medicine Box which you can sample (here). This blog would seem to have a very narrow appeal which only medical service providers might find to be of interest. I am certain that medical providers will find his view point on medical services to be as of much interest as I, a none medical provider, found his viewpoint on politics to be of interest.

My best wishes to Michael Tam. I am certain he is going to turn out to be one fine Doctor. If ever he chooses to set up shop within reasonable driving distance of where I live, I would be amongst those beating a path to his door. That is, if the line was not so long that I would be expected to wait an unreasonable amount of time to be seen by him.


Blogger Michael said...

When I saw that an incoming link to "The Medicine Box" was titled "Goodbye to Michael Tam", I initially thought that someone had written a "hate page" about me! ;-)

The Medicine Box is mostly a medical education website for junior doctors. In the past 6 months I have been working in rural Australia and as such I have been concentrating my free time on a number of other pursuits. Unfortunately, that means that "vitualis' Medical Rants" has been getting relatively little attention.

I may start writing some articles again in the near future now that I've moved back to Sydney.

I very much enjoyed our debates and discussions in the past and hope that you continue with your own fine blog.


2/03/2007 04:37:00 AM  

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