Presidential Election 2008

The polls have been showing some good news recently. At least the news is good for me.

(See here) a NewsMax piece that show both Hillary Clinton and John McCain leading the polls amongst contenders from their respective parties. Now please note that this poll only measures the strength of each candidate from the opinions of all registered voters. It does not measure the strength of either candidates' appeal from only members of their respective party. In other words, each candidate might best represent their party if their party was only worried about winning the election. It does not measure how likely either candidate would be to win the primary race which would allow them to actually run. The poll conducted shows how likely they are to win as they now stand. It does not represent their appeal if they dare to tack either left in their positions (in Hillary's case) or to the right (in McCain's case).

Why do I like these candidates? Because they are both strong willed individuals who might actually be capable of leadership. Both have shown a willingness to attempt to carve off their share of the moderate vote and stand up to the lunatic extremists within their party.

Now for the bad news. Nowhere have I seen any reports that the person I would most like to vote for is even going to run. I am talking about Colin Powell. It is my belief that Colin possesses the qualities required to obtain the highest percentage of voter support and thus most closely come to uniting our nation in these difficult times. I know he does not want the job. However that does nothing to blunt my desire to have him serve in the Oval Office. George Washington did not desire the job either, and look how ably he served.


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