American Treachery

(See here) an interesting column written by Cale Hahn that appeared on the Arutz Sheva website.

First let me state that Cale does make some good points about the follies of American foreign diplomacy under the George Dubyah Bush administration. However he narrows the focus of the impact of American foreign policy decisions upon how they affect Israel.

There is some truth in even this. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict surely is one piece of the puzzle in "everything Middle-Eastern", however how does Cale describe recent American actions? Let me quote him:
The sheer brazenness of the American treachery is staggering.

Have you got that? According to Cale, even any contemplation of negotiating with Syria and Iran, or any attempts to pressure Israel to settle the conflict that has been going on for almost 60 years now, is treachery.

As we follow Cale's piece towards its conclusion, we come across this troubling statement:
Let America stand warned. Let her heed the warnings from 9/11, let her heed the warnings from Hurricane Katrina. Conspire to force the Jews from the land God has given them and that which was intended for them will come upon our own heads.

Seems that Cale thinks the attack by Al Qaeda upon the United States back on Sept 11, 2001 was part of some retribution from G-d. And since 9-11 did not get enough of America's attention, then G-d resorted to hurricane Katrina to punish my evil nation. Just wondering what Cale thinks about the respite from hurricanes America has experienced in this past year? Perhaps G-d is giving the "evil nation America" some credit for finally giving the Palestinians' their due right to justice? Perhaps G-d now approves of what we are up to?

Nope, Cale does not hold that viewpoint. He concludes his piece with a threat:
If this nation does not depart from the path it is on with regard to Israel, this nation will face the full wrath of Him who protects her. He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

What worries me is that G-d's wrath was not always visited upon men by actions of G-d alone. According the Old Testament, occasionally G-d used mere men to visit his wrath upon "the evil ones" instead of snapping His fingers and doing it himself. Read up on how He used David to vanquish Goliath with a sling. Perhaps Cale will be motivated to "be like David" and take action himself.

Since Cale Hahn is evidently a gentile (and I would imagine a conservative Christian) and an American citizen, if the rest of us ever felt the need to bring him up on charge of treason for any of his actions (he still enjoys freedom of speech) I would request that this piece be introduced as evidence against him. While no harm is introduced by the piece itself, it does help to prove motivation for any crimes that might be committed.

Here again is true evidence of part of reason why the world has been so unsuccessful in obtaining a just resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While fault does not lie solely on "our side", our side does shoulder some of the blame. "Some" evangelical Christians and "some" Orthodox Jews really do feel they have the rights to ALL of the land because it was given to them by G-d. As a result, ANY actions taken to further this "G-d given right" is OK. Some of them have even proposed mass, forcible expulsion of the millions of Arabs living in Judea and Samaria (also known as the West Bank) in furtherance of reclaiming the land given to them by G-d.

I wish I could say it is not so, but it is so. It is the truth.


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