Go Puny

When it comes to Iraq, it seems there are three options being considered. I have heard these options described as "Go big", "Go long" and "Go home".

My understanding of how these options are being considered follows:

Go big: Increase the number of troops involved in the Iraq occupation so as to quickly bring about a favorable outcome.

Go long: Decrease the number of troops involved in the Iraq so as to enable a long term involvement in the occupation of Iraq and hopefully bring about a favorable outcome.

Go home: Give up and just bring the troops home.

Now for my understanding of what George Dubyah Bush is leaning towards:

Seems Dubyah is leaning towards "Go big". He knows that if the occupation is not successful by the end of his term, that the next President is going to find a way to extricate us from the occupation. The only option he has to save his legacy is to throw more fuel into the fire and hope in the two years he has left, something good will come of it. "Go long" is not going to happen, so the only real two options he has are "Go big" and "Go home". "Go home" would force him to admit mistake and failure, and he is not going to do that, so "Go big" is what we are going to see.

Now as I see it:

Dubyah's vision of "Go big" I describe as being "Go puny". The effort required to obtain Dubyah's definition of victory is not going to happen with the "surge" of a few thousand troops for a limited period of time. In reality, "Go massive" is what would be required to obtain victory. George Dubyah Bush does not possess the leadership qualities needed to lead the American People and the world community into the effort required for "Go massive" so we are going to end up with "Go puny". We are going to settle for a short term increase of a few thousand troops in Iraq. We are going to throw more kindling into the fire and the result is not going to last any longer then kindling in the fireplace.

Dubyah thought he might obtain favorable public support and opinion by replacing Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. However in my opinion this is like cutting off your little finger when your whole hand suffers from cancer. Donald never took any action without it being approved by Dubyah. The fault does not lie with Donald Rumsfeld, the buck stops in the Oval Office.

America should never have engaged herself in the War in Iraq. The same fool who got us involved is now going to make the decisions on how to bring about the best outcome now that we are engaged. Did the damn fool suddenly become a wise man? I think not.


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