Homosexuality and Polygamy

(See here) a Washington Post article that reports polygamists are fighting to have polygamy decriminalized.

I wish to tie the polygamists efforts into the debate about homosexuality. As the article states, polygamists are using some of the same tactics and arguments to further their cause as homosexual advocates use. The argument goes: We're consenting adults, we're not hurting anyone.

So if you do not draw the line on homosexuality, can you then draw the line on polygamy?

Let us examine these relatively small cults that have sprung up that practice polygamy. Are these mini societies "healthy"? Think about it. These groups are having little baby boys and baby girls at near equal rates, just like the rest of society. However, as they bring their children up, how do they choose from amongst the baby boys that will grow up to have multiple wives and those who will be forced to live a life of celibacy or, if they want some form of intimacy, into homosexuality. Aren't most of these sects highly religious? Aren't homosexuality and masturbation supposed to be sins?

Truth is that I think how these cults deal with the problem is that they force the excessive number of males they give birth to out of their cults. There are not enough women to go around, so they find a means eject the excessive number of males so that the supply of women meets the demand. Is this healthy?

I know what I call it. I call it SICK. The adults raising these young boys are teaching them in Sunday school that to get to heaven you must have multiple wives knowing that there are not going to be enough wives to go around for some of them to even have one. Sick, sick, sick.

Perhaps these cults could lessen the effects of their disease by picking out at birth which baby boys are "special" and will be allowed into heaven because they will be granted multiple wives. These "chosen" young boys can be brought up to have healthy heterosexual appetites. The "unchosen", unworthy young boys can be separated from the "chosen". The "unchosen" can be taught at Sunday School how to masturbate or how to desire having oral sex with each other or something.

Perhaps these cults could lessen the effects of their disease by culling the unchosen, unworthy boys from their families at birth and agree to give them up for adoption so that they can be raised by another family in a healthy environment?

Perhaps these cults can use modern technology to ease the effects of their disease. Nowadays it is possible to determine the sex of a fetus at a rather early stage. Perhaps the excessive number of male fetuses can be aborted so that they are not born into the sickness?

Nah. I think these cults are expecting society at large to agree to too much in order to be tolerant of their disease. These cults are sick, sick, sick and society has the right to attempt to stomp the disease out.

Polygamy is illegal, and there is a good reason for why this is so. If it is allowed to take root in Utah or anywhere else in our society it might spread like any other disease. Society should take firm measures to make life unbearable for anyone who advocates or practices polygamy.

And see what the homosexual advocates have gotten started?

Society has the right to encourage monogamous, heterosexual relationships. Perhaps society can be "tolerant" of homosexuality while not encouraging it, however society should be extremely intolerant of the sickness that is called polygamy.


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