Solution to Iraq

OK, George Dubyah Bush is stumping the country saying the Democrats do not have a plan for Iraq.

Well, how about this Dubyah?

Senator Joe Biden offered a solution, and I would even suggest that this solution is/was tried. For example, the Iraqi Parliament voted for a federal system but there was no end to the violence.

Well now comes step 2, and we are already starting to hear some of it. We make them scream for mercy, mercy that we will only be all too willing to offer.

Since the militants are unwilling to settle for a three state solution, we hint about the two state solution (part of step 3). We withdraw American forces to the Kurdish region, defending the Kurds from what is about to happen and turn our back on the carnage that is about to ensue. The only steps that we will take is to ensure no outside forces seek to involve themselves in the civil war.

We put the Shiites and the Sunnis in a boxing ring together and let themselves beat each other bloody. One side will emerge victorious (I know which side my money would be on) and then we will offer this victor the two state solution.

Of course one or both sides of the conflict might step up to the line, look at the coming carnage and blink. Hopefully both sides will sober up and step back, but, if they insist, we allow them to go at it.

What happens if only one side blinks? Well, that also is part of step 3. Let's see if we can get to step 2 first.


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