Dubyah Bush on Iraq

Sigh, Dubyah has not learned a damn thing.

This man has been punched in the nose, and instead of standing up to the bully who punched up, insists on sitting on the ground nursing his bloody nose while refusing real medical treatment.

(See here) where the Washington Post reports Dubyah is still vowing American troops will not be pulled out until the "mission is complete".

Sigh. The foolhardy mission we embarked upon was due to Dubyah's foolhardy leadership. He can't duck this, which is why he is so reluctant to change course. We have gained no headway in Iraq, and instead seem to be losing ground, but still Dubyah screams "Stay the course."

Well how much is it going to take for Dubyah to accept the course he set us out on was wrong? When the "Ship of State" runs aground? That happened when he left port. Must all the life boats be holed before he admits he was wrong? Well, listening to him, that is where he is going to lead us.

George Dubyah Bush led us into the Iraqi conflict. This conflict distracted us from the greater War on Terror. In fact, this side road into Iraq which he led us down, might make the greater War on Terror less winnable. But now that Dubyah led us down a dead end alley, he still screams, " I got the flashlight, only I can lead."

Well, Dubyah has led us into a difficult situation. As difficult as it might be to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, it might yet be possible. Perhaps victory will come with someone else taking the flashlight away from Dubyah. But we have to wait another two years for someone to replace Dubyah.

Dubyah is still screaming "Stay the course." Well, when he set us out on this course he should have recognized the difficulties his course meant. He should have realized this course meant charging off a cliff it we did not alter course.

Some of us recognized the difficulties before we put our truck in gear. Our voices were drowned by those such as our President who screamed "Full speed ahead!"

Our President was not speaking wisdom then, and he is not speaking wisdom now. We are beating our heads against the wall in Iraq.

Reports are that our politcal leadership is considering backing a strong man in Iraq who would, through brutality, restore order in Iraq. This is called one step forward and two steps back.

A better plan is the plan offered by Senator Joe Biden from Maryland. There is more wisdom coming from Maryland right now then comes from the White House.


Blogger Little David said...

Please forgive my rant last night. I like my beer and evidently last night I had a few too many.

While this piece is poorly written, it accurately voices my frustration over what is going on in Iraq, so I am not going to delete it.

10/22/2006 01:23:00 PM  

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