Talent vs McCaskill

While I was traveling through Missouri recently I noted the heated campaign battle between incumbent Republican Jim Talent vs Democrat Claire McCaskill to represent Missouri in the Federal Senate.

First off, I am not aware of which candidate I would vote for if I still lived in Missouri (I was born and raised as a child in the Show Me state) since I do not know where either stands on the issues. The only thing I can point to is the Talent attack add that I frequently heard running on the radio as I transited the state which went something like "If elected, McCaskill is going to take your guns."

This is supposed to be a tight race. However, as I traveled the rural byways in western Missouri, I saw a whole lot more Talent yard signs then McCaskill yard signs. This made sense, since Talent is the conservative candidate and I would imagine much of his base is in the rather conservative rural areas.

Anyway, seeing all the Talent yard signs, and hearing only Talent attack adds left me wondering how McCaskill could effectively reply with an attack add of her own. I came up with this idea.

Campaign add recommendation for Claire McCaskill:

Screen opens with a shot of a smiling Jim Talent with the following voiceover: "We sent Jim Talent to Washington to improve government. Well Jim had 6 years to improve things and what has the result been? Things are worse then ever."

Next shot is of Claire McCaskill stating: "When Missouri citizens go to the polls this November, they have a unique opportunity to send the politicians in Washington a message. Missouri citizens can send the message to politicians in Washington that they are un-Talent-ed."

An arm comes across the screen leaving a rubber stamp which says "Republicans are un-Talent-ed".

Closing shot: The obligatory "I support this message" statement.

End of recommendation and now for some discussion.

There are some real strengths to such an advertisement. It would show Claire McCaskill to have a sense of humor. It contains nothing that Jim Talent can fire back at. The add would not have to run for very long to create some buzz about it. Even those who support Jim Talent might get a chuckle out of it.


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