Phil Kellam vs Thelma Drake

Heh heh, the liberals are condemning Phil Kellam.

(See here) where at least one blogger says "Phil Kellam is far too right-leaning to be called a decent Democrat".

Damn liberal Democrats, they think they own the party. I remember back to the days of my Daddy when my Daddy once was proud to call himself a Democrat. He supported everything which was best about the Democrat party and he turned his back on the Democrat party when it strayed too far left. I love my Daddy. I understand why he started to vote Republican. However I wonder if he were still alive if he would still support what the Republican Party has come to stand for. I think he would have been extremely torn.

Why do I support Phil Kellam?

Because I am hoping Phil Kellam might become a lion in the Democrat Party while Thelma Drake has proven herself to be a kitten in the Republican Party (no sexism implied, the statement would have been more powerful if Thelma was male).


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