How much torture?

How much torture will American law allow? George Dubyah Bush is asking for clarification.

(See here) a FOXNews piece that does a fairly good job on reporting on the issues that face us.

Let me explain myself. I am going to come at this from something I learned as a child. I think many of us have been taught the same thing. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Please note that this lesson I was taught did not say "Do unto others as they do unto you." If Jesus had not taught us the former but instead preached the latter, I think by now the world would have already ended. This is one of the reasons I am willing to accept Jesus as my savior. Jesus might not have been God, but he is my savior, I call him Rabbi. My Rabbi, my savior, taught the "golden rule". I love Jesus.

So how much torture should we allow? Just how evil should we allow ourselves to become? George Dubyah Bush described our adversaries as evil. I will acknowledge that our adversaries have some justified complaints, however I will agree that their actions might be described as evil. We could take this thought further into whether some of our own actions in the past have been evil... but I am going to stick to my point.

OK, they are evil. We are not. They cut off the heads of their prisoners. What do we do? Do we stoop to their level or are we somehow better? They suffer from not enjoying the leadership of Jesus, which we enjoy.

If we have to become as evil as they are to defeat them, then what joy will there be in victory? If we become them, to defeat them, why do we not just already open up the gates and welcome them as victors now?

Perhaps Jesus's Golden Rule will not work. Perhaps the conservatives are right. But I am going to place my faith in Jesus. I'll treat my adversaries as I would want to be treated.

But be aware the Golden Rule is not absolute. Well, yes it is absolute... if you are are evil enough, you would expect your neighbor to kill you to protect himself.

Let us live by the Golden Rule and hope somehow Jesus was right, that our adversaries will rise to our level. Let us refuse to sink to the level of our adversaries.

If Jesus fails us, we can always turn to the devil. Let's resist the devil as long as we can. My money is on Jesus. If Jesus was wrong, I don't want to live in what results anyway.


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