Jim Webb - Women in the Military

(See here) a Pilotonline piece (Hampton Roads, Virginia) written by Warren Fiske and Dale Eisman that reports on a magazine article that Jim Webb wrote 27 years ago that questioned whether women should serve in the military.

Five retired military women, trailblazers, condemned the magazine article and say it made their trailblazing service that much harder.

Well, the debate about women's service in the military is not yet completed. Women such as these have proven that they are capable of serving... but what about equality?

Will women such as these agree that since they have helped prove women are capable of serving, then all young women, once they reach 18 years of age, should be required to register for the Selective Service (the draft) just like our young men? We're talking equality here!

Personally I feel women should be allowed to serve in any position in the military for which they can physically qualify. They certainly have the intellect, however I think there should still be a physical requirement for some positions such as the Navy Seals. Even here, if a woman can qualify, she should be allowed to serve.

However, if a woman is "allowed" to serve, in the interest of equality, then why should she be exempted from forced service if that is required.

Jim Webb should be condemned for engaging in debate 27 years ago? OK you trailblazing women, how about you leading the debate today? Do you seek "perfect" equality for women serving in the military or will you be willing to settle for something less? Come on, you brought the subject up... now lead the debate.


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