Phil Kellam vs Thelma Drake

It seems I am starting to overdose on posts about the Phil Kellam vs Thelma Drake election race. Let me explain why, I have to make up my mind in the next few days on who to cast my vote for via absentee ballot because I will not be home on election day. I have been searching the internet about this race to make sure I was going to vote wisely.

(See here) a PilotOnline article that reports on a debate between Phil and Thelma that took place back in July of this year. The article itself is not very informative. Why I am linking to this article is because of a comment by one of Virginia Beach's citizens, David Campbell, who evidently attended the debate and who's comment reports on things the article leaves out. Most telling is David's statement that:
She even endorsed their radical proposal to replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax...
That about does it for me. This proves to me just how extreme Thelma is. For anyone unfamiliar with the national sales tax proposal, often called the "Fair Tax" by proponents, I would encourage you to (see here) my previous post on this issue which I wrote back in April of this year.

I am now pretty certain my vote is going for Phil. I can now cast my vote in this election with some confidence that I am getting it right. Thelma has got to go. If she is in favor of the fraudulently labeled "Fair Tax" she is too much of an extremist for me.


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