Phil Kellam Quacks Like a Duck

In Thelma Drake's targeted mailings, my wife received a slick glossy piece that was addressed to her and not the traditional "head of household" that lives at my residence. I am impressed by the efficiency of the Drake campaign. They seem to have sniffed it out that my wife is the one who really wears the pants in my family so sent the literature to her instead of me. Grin.

Anyway, Thelma's glossy piece, on one side says "If it quacks like a duck, it's a duck."

On the reverse side is the explanation of the pitch. I am going to have to type this out by hand, but here is the message on the reverse side:
Phil Kellam "claims" not to be a big tax-and-spend liberal but he "quacks" like one.

Democrat Phil Kellam is supported by liberals like Nancy Pelosi, because she's counting on him to support her liberal agenda in Washington.

He takes money from the liberal Democrat leadership. So that means he will probably support their extreme agenda that includes:

- Higher taxes on working families

- Amnesty for illegal aliens

- Weakness in the War on Terror

The Car Tax

In 1997, Phil Kellam was not a supporter of the Jim Gilmore plan to eliminate the car tax on vehicles valued less then $20,000. Phil Kellam did not support this program that has provided car tax relief for Virginia Beach families. (The Virginian-Pilot, 11/2/97)

Raise Gas Prices

Phil Kellam was also a prominent member of the Commission on Transportation in Urbanized Areas. The commission released a report that recommended an increase of the statewide gas tax (Commission on Transportation in Urbanized Areas Final Report 12/31/05) and supported allowing different regions to increase the gas tax even more.

Vote NO on Democrat Phil Kellam. He's just another tax-and-spend politician.

First let me take on the over all message from this slick glossy. They say Phil Kellam is a "tax-and-spend liberal". OK, so then Thelma Drake is a "borrow-and-spend conservative". So which is worse? The politician who actually insists you pay for everything you demand now or the politician who says it is OK for you to demand things now while pushing the bill onto your kids?

Higher taxes on working families? Phil Kellam has stated he is in favor of tax cuts for the middle class and actually supports the Dubyah Bush tax cuts. Meanwhile Thelma has stated she is in favor of a national sales tax that will push the tax burden onto the middle class. Ahem. Middle class taxpayers qualify as working families. The likes of Bill Gates and Paris Hilton do not qualify as meeting this description. OK, OK, I will be honest. Bill Gates works hard. But I think Bill can afford a bigger tax hike then I can.

Amnesty for illegal aliens? Has Phil ever stated this? Meanwhile Dubyah Bush is in favor of some type of guest worker program and Thelma does not seem to be able to break from the Dubyah leadership. By the way, just to be clear, I personally support a guest worker program as long as it is targeted at occupations that face a direct competition from cheap foreign labor.

Weakness in the War on Terror? Heh heh, and the War on Terror had to lead us into the invasion of Iraq? There is no room for some wisdom in the War on Terror? If Thelma had any wisdom to offer in this war, her voting record would reflect it.

The Car Tax? What is Phil Kellam's current job? Perhaps Phil was concerned that eliminating the car tax would reduce local government tax revenues and force them to raise taxes in other areas. At the time (1997), this was a complicated debate.

Raise Gas Prices? Look, the need for increased revenue is a given considering our locality's need to meet transportation requirements. The Commission on Transportation in Urbanized Areas came out in favor of increased fuel taxes as the most fair way to raise these revenue needs. What are the Republicans in favor of? Let me point out Republican Virginia State Senator Frank W Wagner's position on this. This man represents the Hampton Roads area and even serves on the Virginia Senate's Transportation Committee. He wants to put a toll on everything. He wants to put a toll on I-81, I-85, and I-95. Recently I have heard "they" have proposed restoring the tolls on the tunnels in Hampton Roads. Republicans are against taxes. They are against raising the fuel taxes but they think the idea of tolls are really neat because they do not think of tolls as being a tax. Sorry. I have dealt with the traffic tie ups due to the gates with toll attendants sticking their hand out for money. I personally support any revenue needed come from an increase in the fuel tax and not from tolls. Tolls are a tax too. Fuel taxes are a more fair way of collecting the taxes then tolls and they do not lead to traffic backups. You pay at the fuel pump and not at the toll booth.

Let me conclude about this the way I opened up. Phil Kellam is a tax-and-spend Democrat? Thelma is a borrow-and-spend Republican. Thelma votes 98% of the time with the Republican leadership that tries to vote in tax cuts for the wealthy while simultaneously raising spending and increasing the deficit. If you want a balanced budget, Thelma is not the person to vote for! Thelma is borrow-and-spend!

If it quacks like a duck it is a duck. If it slithers along the ground and spits out a forked tongue, it is a snake. Too far? Thelma is not a snake? Well Thelma has a 98% voting record. Thelma might not be a snake, but many of the leaders she followed are. Thelma did not possess the backbone to break from this leadership when they attempted to lead us astray. Thelma might not be a snake, but by her willingness to vote the party line, she has led the voters from Virginia's 2nd Congressional District deep into the snake pit.

If the voting record of our representative hisses like a snake, the person casting the votes is a snake.

Phil Kellam promises to be a moderate Democrat. Will he deliver? Maybe so or maybe not. Thelma Drake has a proven track record to examine. I am saying Thelma can not point to this record with pride.

* Note, the above post was edited/corrected to accurately reflect Phil Kellam's position supporting the Dubyah Bush tax cuts.


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