Detroit vs St Louis

OK, it is Detroit vs St Louis in Baseball's World Series.

I have been rooting for my Cardinals. I still have hopes that my Cardinals can pull off an upset. I have been amazed that my Cardinals have gotten this far.

At first, I was motivated to do what the Ken Rosenthal article said, the headline which screamed "Shut Up and Watch".

I was going to remain silent. That is till I read this shit. As reported by Fox Sports in an AP piece, first game Detroit pitching starter Justin Verlander states:
"I think we view ourselves as the underdogs, personally," Verlander said as the unexpected pennant winners prepared Friday on a cool, overcast day at Comerica Park. "Everybody has doubted us."

Have you got that? Justin Verlander thinks Detroit is the underdogs. Meanwhile St Louis got swept by Detroit in the three game inter-league matchup this season when they faced each other. The American League has a recent history of being so dominant that many (including me) have started describing the National League as being the Minor League to the American League.

This is too much. Detroit is the underdog? Heh heh, I am still hoping my Cardinals can pull a rabbit out of the hat, however I must honestly describe them as being the underdogs.

If you want to root for the underdog, root for St Louis. Do not listen to the bullshit Justin Verlander spouts. He's only trying to soften the blow for what happens if he loses game one. Well if Justin Verlander is worried, this is a good sign. Because if the Cardinals win game one, with their best pitching coming later, then Detroit really does have something to worry about.

But St Louis is the underdog. The National League has been swept 8 games to nothing in the last two World Series matchups. St Louis has nowhere to go but up. But St Louis still is the underdog no matter how ridiculous Justin Verlander wants to sound.

America loves an underdog. I am rooting for St Louis. Truth is, St Louis is my team and I would still be rooting for them if they were favored.

My forecast? Detroit in six (Carpenter should have a favorable matchup). But I will be pleased if I am wrong. I am rooting for the underdog.


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Congrats on the Cards world title

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