Phil Kellam and Nancy Pelosi

A vote for Phil Kellam is a vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

Well, a vote for Thelma evidently led to Tom Delay assuming a leadership role in our government so I do not think Thelma wins on this argument. Delay might now be history, but Thelma is part of that history.

(See here) an interesting Washington Post piece written by Lois Ramano on Nancy Pelosi. Please note that Nancy wins praises for leading the Democrat Party to a new high 88% party line voting record.

As a side, I will compare this with Thelma Drake's 98% voting record. Even "evil" Nancy Pelosi can only win praises for attaining an 88% record amongst the fractious Democrat Party, while Thelma votes for ALL the Republican bullshit 98% of the time.

It is my hope that Phil becomes a maverick within the Democrat Party. It is my hope that when Phil caucuses within the Democrat Party that he votes for someone besides Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House (or Minority Leader if the Democrats fail to achieve a majority).

If Nancy Pelosi seeks to punish my representative for representing his district in the House, I am not going to hold it against my representative. I want an upstart in Congress. Phil will at least be willing to talk with the liberals, unlike the Republican leadership that Thelma Drake follows.

I like liberals. I like liberals a whole damn lot. But I think my "like", which I might also go far to describe as "love" is my viewpoint that he who I describe as "Rabbi and Savior" is Jesus. You see, I describe Jesus as being the perfect liberal. What worries me about Nancy Pelosi is that she comes from an EXTREME left wing district. Nancy Pelosi's district is EXTREME blue in dark blue California.

Nancy Pelosi better make room for some moderates in the Democrat Party. She also better not try to punish my representative in the House (should Phil Kellam be elected) for representing his district. You see, my district is ANTI gay marriage. My district is ANTI late term abortion. There better be room in Nancy Pelosi's version of a "large tent" Democrat Party that has room for moderates. My district does not want to force every Congressional District to accept a definition of "paradise" that would make Nancy Pelosi's Congressional District happy.

I want Phil to be a lion in the Democrat Party much as my Republican Senator John Warner is a lion in the Republican Party.

If there is not room for Phil in the Democrat Party's tent, then I hope he frequently votes with the Republicans when they offer a better plan.

I think that if new Democrats are elected and caucus together as moderates, they could soon, as a group, eclipse Nancy Pelosi in political power even if she is Speaker of the House. These new Democrats can threaten to join the Republican minority with their votes if Nancy Pelosi refuses to be reasonable.

I hope Phil Kellam is part of a new leadership that can lead our nation forward.


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