John Kerry Insults Troops

Well, John Kerry stuck his foot in his mouth again.

I am not talking about John Kerry's original statement, how some of our citizens choose to serve in the military because they see a lack of opportunity anywhere else. There was truth in this statement and the statement could be defended.

What is indefensible is John Kerry's explanation that his comment was meant to be a joke. Well, Senator Kerry, how come no one is laughing? How come no one even gives a chuckle after you explain it?

However, while forgiving John Kerry for his stupid explanation of his statement, let us examine the original statement itself.

How many rich kids are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan? I know, we can point to glaring exceptions like Pat Tillman, however just how many Pat Tillman's serve in the military?

Now do not get me wrong. I am not saying everyone, or even a majority, of Americans serving in combat are motivated by monetary considerations. However it is indisputable that at least some are only serving because they see/saw no other opportunities for themselves other then military service.

I'd like to see someone do a study of what background our warriors come from. How much is the warrior's Daddy worth? If such a study is conducted, I am certain that lower and middle class warriors will be over represented in the military as when compared to snotty nosed rich kids serving.

Snotty nosed rich kids, after they grow up, start the wars and then sit back and wait for the kids of the poor and the middle class to fight the battles.

There are exceptions. Pat Tillman is an extremely notable exception. But Pat Tillman was brought up right, he was not brought up as a snotty nosed rich kid.

I do not wish to call into question the patriotism of Americans who choose to serve, even if this service was somewhat motivated by economic considerations. These individuals chose to volunteer while many (most?) of their peers still refused to serve under the same circumstances. However, I will point out to these patriots that while they serve for dogshit wages, the children of the wealthy are sitting back home enjoying their rights to enjoy Daddy's wealth.

But what does John Kerry do? Did he defend the truth behind the words he spoke? No, he tried to brush it off as being a joke.

Well, John Kerry, I ain't laughing. Quit trying to be a comedian and stick to trying to explain the truth. You have your hands full doing only that.


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