Israel and Palestine

(See here) a column written by Dr Joel Fishman that appeared on the Arutz Sheva website.

First let me inform anyone reading this, that the Arutz Sheva site is pretty right wing in flavor, sometimes almost intolerantly so.

However not all right wingers are kooks or something, and Dr Fishman makes a pretty strong case for why the "Two State Solution" might never work.

However Dr Fishman does not then point out what Israel and the rest of the world should do instead. My guess is that he does not dare go into that because he knows that if he pointed to any of the right wing "solutions" to the problem, the majority of people in the world community are going to say no way. Some would even scream "But that would be a crime against humanity" to some of what we might hear.

Dr Fishman, you point to the difficulties of making the two state solution work. However as a result, I then reach the conclusion that even this solution is going to be difficult, and the job would not be over once a peace deal is completed. However no solution other then this appears to have any chance of working.

Perhaps if the two state solution is tried and fails, and the failure was not due to being torpedoed by the Israeli right wing, then the world community might be willing to consider some of the solutions you might come up with.


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