Global Warming and Mars

(See here) a Los Angeles Times piece that I came across that reports the Mars Global Surveyor may have given up the ghost.

What interested me most was this comment about one of the accomplishments of the Surveyor:
It tracked changes in weather for four complete Mars years, the equivalent of eight Earth years. For three consecutive Martian summers, it showed that the polar ice caps were shrinking, suggesting a climate change in progress.

Hmm, there is evidence of climate change on Mars. What type of climate change? It appears to be "Global Warming" with the polar ice caps shrinking.

Perhaps this is evidence that those who blame much or all of the global warming the Earth is experiencing on increased solar output are not full of bull. If Mars is experiencing global warming at the same time as earth, what do the two balls floating in space have in common? The sun, correct? Global warming on Mars can not be blamed on mankind.

I am still open to opinions that Earth's global warming has greenhouse gas emissions as a contributing factor. However here is at least one piece of evidence that the sun is part of the reason, and there is little mankind can do about that.


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