Palestinian Refugees

(See here) an israelinsider piece that seeks to describe all Palestinian refugees as willingly abandoning their homes during the 1948 conflict that brought about the existence of the state of Israel. There is some truth in what they communicate, however, the Israeli forces are not bereft of fault in what happened.

(See here) a description of Israeli actions in the 1948 war. Seems the Israeli forces did not completely engage in purity of arms during the struggle. I will critique this account as also being far too one sided. The account described in the israelinsider really did happen. Arabs were encouraged to get out of the way of the invading Arab armies. The Arab armies were going to drive the Jews into the sea.

However not all the Arabs in Palestine followed the call to evacuate, and Israeli forces were all too willing to force those who did not flee willingly to flee at the point of a bayonet.

Which account will you believe? Is it a case of black and white? Or, as often is the case, are there shades of grey that must be dealt with?

I am all too willing to condemn the actions of suicide bombers. However I understand that the cause of these suicide bombers is not without merit. Efforts by those such as the publisher of israelinsider at revisionist history do not serve them well.

Much blame can be laid at the feet of the enemies of Israel. However, it is not as if Israel is blameless herself.

Even today, Israeli right wing extremists seek to exert their will because they think they are "God's Chosen People". They have a right to the land because it was promised to them by God and the Palestinians have no right to this same land.

Of course Hamas is no better. They claim even the land within the "green line". They think the existence of Israel in any fashion is an abomination. Once land is conquered by Islam it is forever Islamic. Compromise is not an option.

Do you see what we as an American People face in the Middle East? We face extremists unwilling to compromise on the basis of religion. God tells them to kill their opponents. They can get into heaven not "despite" the fact they killed, but "because" they killed.

How do we achieve peace in the Middle East? First we "Christians" stop being hypocrates. We stop allowing Orthodox Jews to lead us down the path of hypocrisy. Clear enough?

Perhaps once we stop "allowing" the Jews in Israel the right to be "correct" due to religion, the Palestinians might be willing to lay aside their religion as well for the sake of that which is reasonable. However, as long as we are unreasonable, I do not think it is wrong for them to be unreasonable.

Suicide bombers are wrong. It is never OK to kill in the name of God. However, pay attention to what Peace Now says the Orthodox Jews do in the name of God.

Orthodox Jews will describe the Jewish members of Peace Now as "self hating Jews". I will describe myself as loving the Jews who belong to Peace Now and hating the damn Jews who seek to engage in a holocaust against Moslems. I do not hate all Jews, I only hate the evil ones.

Israel has a right to exist, but so does Palestine.


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