Naming the Next Generation of Aircraft Carriers

(See here) where there is an effort afoot to name America's next generation of Aircraft carriers the "Ford class".

Jerry Ford himself described him as being "a Ford not a Lincoln" but some think he should have the honor of having an entire class of aircraft carriers named after him.

While the Sullivan brothers from WWII only get a destroyer named after them, and all of these brothers gave the supreme sacrifice, Jerry Ford gets an entire class of ships named after him?

Just what did Jerry Ford do that entitles him to such an honor? The man was the first American President to lose a war for crying out loud! We seek to honor that?

An entire class of behemoth warships do not deserve to be named after Jerry Ford, and Jerry Ford does not deserve the honor. I did some checking. John Paul Jones is already taken. However Thomas Jefferson is available since the decommissioning of SSBN 618.

If Republicans insist on naming an aircraft carrier after a mediocre President, who was not even elected, who did little to distinguish himself in the service of America while President (he did not even know Eastern Europe was dominated by the USSR during his term), then let them settle on doing "the dirty deed" after the class is named.

The naming of major warships after recent politicians has gone too far. We already have the Ronald Reagan, the Jimmy Carter and the George H W Bush. Stick to naming highways and bridges after recent politicos if you want, but limit the names of warships to American heroes that every American can agree upon.

CVN-78 needs to be named after someone who's name rings louder then Jerry Ford. Thomas Jefferson gets my vote.


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