On the Road Again

I am back on the road. Actually, I left home about a week ago. This time out I was able to enjoy a brief night at home (this past evening) when I ended up delivering a load close to the house. I hope to remain gone until the middle of April as I have to make up for a prolonged period of down time while repairs were being completed on my truck.

It is with some glee that I noted that my down time was coincidental to all the extremely bad weather the United States was having - or perhaps it was more then coincidence? Perhaps "Providence from God" - grin? Hey, if we are going to have bad weather, what better time to have it then when I am broke down? The same thing happened last winter! I took all of December off to have my engine rebuilt, clutch replaced etc etc (total bill close to $20K) and that was when the bad weather hit. Then, when I got rolling during January and Febuary of 2006, during the two months that should have seen the most severe winter weather, we experienced mild weather conditions.

Knock on wood (accompanied with a prayer to God) the worst of the winter weather is behind us. Watching weather reports, there is still a chance I might face some winter driving conditions in my immediate future. My next load goes to Atlanta and I do not yet know where they'll send me to from there. There is a cold front moving through the Midwest right now. I can always hope for a load going to Dallas again which will keep me south and out of the mess up north. But normally I end up headed somewhere towards the upper Midwest after I am empty in Atlanta. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway, during my time on the road, it is pretty rare for me to be able to find a WiFi outlet I can tap in to. Even when I do find a WiFi, I am often too beat to do much of anything with it.


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