Presidential Election 2008

I have been watching my own preferred candidates in the upcoming primaries for both parties recently. Who are my preferred candidates? Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination and John McCain for the Republican nomination. What have I observed?

John McCain tacks right. (See here) in an Associated Press piece that appears on MSNBC that John is starting to swear allegiance towards the hard right on social issues to mollify concerns from the hard core conservatives within his party. Cracks are starting to appear in what most appeals to me about Senator McCain. Perhaps he feels the need to swing towards the right in order to win the primary or something. After all, it does him no good to maintain his appeal towards moderates if by doing so he can not even get on the ticket to represent the Republican Party in the general election.

Hillary Clinton stays center (See here) a NY Times piece written by David D Kirkpatrick that reports some hard core conservatives even have nice things to say about her. My own opinion on what is going on is that conservatives only view her as the "least offensive" of potential candidates to represent the Democratic Party in a general election. They might be on the side lines during the primary, but when it comes to the general election, should Hillary win the primary, these still silent power brokers will be firing broadsides at her.

My own opinion of John McCain is starting to drop, while my opinion of Hillary is tending to rise. While neither has yet won their party's nod to represent them in the General Election, both still remain the candidate I would most like to see get the nod thus far.

If both candidates get the nod and the election were held today? Well, that would be a hard decision to make not yet knowing the party planks in the election, and without having seen any of the debates that are to come. However, just on mushy feelings alone, I give a slight edge to Hillary. She is standing firm against the pull of the left within her party during the campaign so far while John is letting the gale force winds of opposition from conservatives in the Republican Party blow him towards the right. Besides, I already had some reservations about McCain due to his age, and if he is going to start positioning himself as a "strong conservative" why take the chance that his years are not going to catch up with him?


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