Democrats Deal With the AMT

Democrats are starting to seriously deal with the problem imposed upon the American middle class by the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax).

(See here) a Washington Post piece that reports upon the issue.

Instead of relying upon a band-aid solution that only helps to increase the national debt, Democrats are proposing a REAL solution to the problem. Let me add my voice to those applauding leadership from Democrats that attempt to actually garner fiscal responsibility from those we elect to office!

My suggestion to Democrats? If Republican or conservative Democrats (who, too, might be in the pocket of the wealthy) seek to hamstring the proposed legislation, you circle the wagons and refuse to compromise with band-aid solutions. What you offer is a REAL and long term solution. If opponents to the solution are unwilling to compromise then let the impact be felt by all those who will be impacted. You are offering a REAL solution to the problem. Let those who stand against the solution face the wrath of those who turn their backs on the solution offered.

No band-aids for the AMT! No band-aids for the AMT! No band-aids for the AMT! Should I continue to repeat myself? Democrats are proposing a long term, permanent solution to the problem. If anyone opposes the solution offered, I think they should be forced to deal with the effects of ripping off the dressing of the band-aid applied and deal with the wrath of those affected. Eventually this is going to impact the real meat of the American middle class in every Congressional district.

Responsible government is what I demand! Democrats are willing to deal with this problem with a cold dose of reality thrown in. Go Democrats!

In an effort towards fairness, let me deal with one opponent. From the Washington Post piece comes this quote:
Wisconsin Rep. Paul D. Ryan, senior Republican on the House Budget Committee, said raising taxes for the wealthiest Americans would punish small-business owners.

Let me take this one on. Sorry Paul, if the "small-business owner" makes enough money to qualify to be in the top 1% of Americans, they no longer qualify for the term "small-business owner". Your argument is completely ridiculous and is evidence that you, my dear man, need to be run out of office. Shame on you.


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