Blogging About Trucking

In my blog, I have avoided discussing trucking for a number of reasons. Included in my reasoning was the experiences I have noted where other bloggers have blogged about their jobs. Another reason is that I have always considered myself as being too inexperienced to comment.

Well I have decided that it is now time for me to rethink this. I guess I had better still use some discretion in what I blog about so as not to ruin a relationship with a customer who would then be motivated to never allow me back on their premises. In other words, no "expose" type pieces that are unwarranted. I have still have to make a living and I make my living through trucking while blogging is only a "hobby".

However I think I can safely comment on many trucking issues without jeopardizing my living. I also think that now that I have 10 years of experience with about 1.3 million miles under my belt I can put forth my opinion as worthy of consideration. I am not going to claim to be an "expert", or that my opinion represents that of every truck driver on the road or anything. I will never claim that I am the safest or most skilled truck driver on the road. If you are looking for "safest" or "most skillful" you have to look elsewhere.

I do however think that my voice can represent at least "some" truck drivers. If anyone objects to even this description, OK, then I will settle for my voice represents then only one truck driver, myself. However I will point to my years of experience and the number of miles I have logged as making my voice and my personal opinion worthy of at least some consideration on the issues I choose to speak about.


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