Women Want "Manly" Men

I couldn't help but briefly comment on this puff piece that appears on the MSNBC website. It explains the obvious, that women prefer "manly" men to impregnate them.

But the piece also might explain something that has puzzled me for most of my life. How did I, a rather goofy looking male, get such a drop dead gorgeous young lady, as my wife was in her youth, to say yes when I asked her to marry me?

I'm not kidding you about my wife's looks in her youth. When my wife and I would go out in the evening, it was not unusual for me to be asked by complete strangers how I got such a gorgeous woman to become my wife. I understood why they asked. They were as puzzled as I was. She was that attractive and I am that goofy looking.

Well, now we know the answer. The study indicates that my bombshell wife was driven by her hormones to select a goofy looking guy for a husband because I would be "loyal" and stick around in a long term relationship.

Sigh. I guess there is no truth to the explanation I always whispered to the strangers in response to their question. I always explained that my wife had given me a go in bed in a "mercy fling" and that I had been so good that she kept coming back for more.

But I always had to whisper the story. If my wife overheard the explanation, she always ruined my fun.


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