Kurt Vonnegut Deceased

Kurt Vonnegut has passed away.

As a way of tribute, let me explain what Kurt Vonnegut meant to me personally.

During my youth, I was a bit of a book worm. Sometime during my early adolescence, I stumbled upon my first science fiction novel and I was immediately smitten. For a number of years, my reading was overwhelming limited to science fiction novels and stories. Kurt Vonnegut is the only science fiction writer I can recall, other then Isaac Asimov, who's works I sought out by author. I appreciated the efforts of other authors of the time, but I was not motivated to seek out everything they ever wrote (again other then Isaac Asimov) like I was to consume the works of Kurt Vonnegut. Actually, in further tribute to Kurt, I was motivated to pursue Isaac Asimov's works partially because he was the, accepted by everybody, king of science fiction writing of the time. Kurt Vonnegut I had discovered on my own.

To any fan of science fiction, I highly recommend Kurt's works. (See here) an MSN piece that contains a complete list of what Mr Vonnegut gave us.


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