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I have been watching the Obama rise in the opinion polls with some interest. I have been watching this rise with some skepticism. Is there anything more to the Obama rise other then an unpainted canvas I ask myself. Is there something genuine about the man that might make him worthy of consideration?

Well, (here) is a NY Times piece that reports upon his stance on foreign policy. Let me state that much of what the piece reports about causes me to consider this man to be a viable alternative for my vote. In many ways, he seems to almost give voice to my opinions, and he has the ability to be offered the microphone while my voice is limited to this blog. He can shout, but while I might attempt to shout, my voice is only a whisper.

OK, Barack Obama has my attention. He could end up being the Democratic nominee for President, so I guess I better start listening to what he has to say.

I am going to engage in a little criticism of Barack however. I am going to introduce an argument that the man might be in need of a little medication or something.

Barack Obama indicated:
If elected, Mr. Obama said he would lead a global effort to secure all nuclear weapons and materials across the world within four years. In addition to securing stockpiles of nuclear material, Mr. Obama said the United States should work to negotiate a ban on producing new nuclear weapons material.
Hah hah hah. Guffaw. LOL (laughing out loud) ROFL (rolling on floor laughing) or in more general terms, slapping my hands on the table while screaming "ridiculous".

Let us get this straight. Barack thinks that by holding hands (under his leadership) and singing Kumbayah we can deal with nuclear proliferation. Sorry, I think the problem of nuclear proliferation needs more then singing Kumbayah. I am unwilling to think this problem is going to go away if we only are willing to hold hands together and attempt to wish it away.

Perhaps Barack needs to deal with the problem head on. How are we going to deal with the difficult problem of nuclear proliferation? Singing Kumbayah is not an answer, singing the song to unrespondent listeners is not going to solve a damn thing.

Now I am a realist, there is no perfect answer to nuclear proliferation. Anyone who thinks they have the perfect answer needs to be on meds. Barack's alluding to his solution is for us to gather hands leads me to wonder whether he should be on meds!

I am not attempting to say solving nuclear proliferation is an easy nut to crack. I am only saying we can sing Kumbayah until our voices crack, and still the problem will not be solved.


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