Shocking - No Sign From God

Yesterday I asked God for a sign. I didn't get it. Well, actually this is a little complicated, I might still get my sign, since I offered God a choice. I might still get my sign, however I will now have to be patient. What worries me is that if I still get my sign, I will personally benefit from it. I have never attempted to ask for a "sign" previously from which I would benefit.

Let me attempt to explain this. I have "prayed" to God for "favors" from which I would benefit, and have sometimes had my "prayers" answered. However "answered prayers" are not a "sign". Answered "prayers" are requests for favoritism from God when I will understand if the request is not granted. However, I look at my requests for "signs" differently. I have a pretty good track record for getting my "requests" (perhaps "demands" is a better word) for "signs" to be successful.

Getting back to what has happened over the past 36 hours. I asked God for a sign. I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. I am fairly confident that if God had granted me my sign I would have heard about it by now.

I am confused. I am actually shocked that I did not get my sign. You see, I have to deal with reality. I have to deal with the fact that "most" people when they ask for "signs" to prove God exists are not granted them. God leaves them in the dark and forces them to depend on "faith" that He exists. But for some reason, God has repeatedly given me signs. Now, perhaps I am not alone in getting "signs"....

Break, break, break.... I have just witnessed a miracle. I have to deal with reality. I have to bow down before God. God is so much smarter then I am. Praise the Lord. I am humbled and grateful for the lesson God has given me. God is great!


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