Pampering Paris Hilton

Should Paris Hilton be subjected to "above and beyond" ordinary treatment for her transgressions against the American justice system?

Was it not right for Paris to be expected to serve at least a significant amount of time behind bars?

Let us examine other possible "extraordinary" cases where a "common" person sentenced to prison would not have received an ankle bracelet and be allowed to serve their time at home.

What about a drug king pin? If allowing the drug king pin to serve his time at home would have resulted in no pain to him, where he could have continued to conduct "business as usual" while his vassals simply came "home" to him for a few days instead of waiting for him to visit them? Would the county sheriff have agreed to release such an individual to home confinement and make a mockery of the justice system or would the sheriff have insisted upon confinement in the "big house"?

I do not think my comparison is that far off the mark. Paris Hilton pleaded guilty to careless and reckless driving charges after she failed a sobriety test. Now snot nosed rich kid Paris should not in any real measure of the term "inconvenienced" been subjected to any real hardship by the sentence which briefly suspended her license. All she had to do was hire a chauffeur to drive her Bentley for her during the suspension. Please note that the "average" citizen can not afford to hire a chauffeur, or even pay for a taxi, during a license suspension.

However, rather then hire a chauffeur to do her driving for her, Paris insisted on doing her own driving. She was even pulled over once, and issued only a warning ticket, for driving with a suspended license. Did she then learn her lesson and hire a chauffeur? Just how much inconvenience would it be for the snot nosed rich kid to put someone on the payroll and do her driving for her during the remainder of the license suspension? She could have continued to do all her clubbing at whatever local club was trendy and even gotten snot nosed drunk as long as someone else did the driving for her.

But she thumbed her nose at the justice system. Something needs to be done to get the attention of this young lady. If she is going to live her life in the lime light, the lime light that her life thus far has sought, encouraged, even demanded, well then the "justice" she receives is going to be subject to the same lime light.

It is unfair to compare Paris Hilton's home confinement to the "average" citizen who might receive the same outcome. Paris gets to go home to luxury while the average citizen goes home to hardship. The "average" citizen goes home to a period of time where they will be unable to earn any income. For the "average" American citizen this would be a hardship. Loss of freedom of movement to Paris, through home confinement, might be an inconvenience, however something more then inconvenience needs to happen.

Home confinement for the "average" American citizen results in true hardship. I do not think home confinement in a luxury mansion for Paris would result in the required amount of hardship.

Paris Hilton has thumbed her nose at the American justice system long enough. Perhaps she was encouraged by the fact that OJ was found innocent? Maybe she thinks that as long as you are rich enough, you can get away with murder? (Or in her case, driving with a suspended license.)

Paris Hilton needs to serve real time in jail. Her initial sentence of a suspended license should not even have been an inconvenience for someone with her wealth. In fact, I am wondering if it is only preferential treatment that earned her the first instance of only getting off with a warning the first time she was caught driving with a suspended license.

We need to get the snot nosed rich kid's attention. I am unimpressed with claims she has already learned her lesson. She did the crime. Let her do the time.


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