Burger Bargains

Burger Bargains.

(See here) where msn money reports on continuing developements in the value menu wars amongst the big burger joints.

So where can a consumer get more bang for the buck when buying a burger? Thus far I will have to say the best value is obtained at McDonalds when buying the double cheese burger for a buck. Wendy's is not far behind with the new double cheese burger Stack Attack, however McDonalds still offers better value. The McDonalds' cheeseburger comes with more condiments included (the Wendy's Stack Attack does not even include pickles) and while I only suspect the McDonalds double cheeseburger has more meat, it is obvious to anyone with eyes that the Stack Attack has a tiny bun. My experience is that when I have a "healthy appetite" I can normally satisfy my hunger with three Mickey D's double cheeseburgers but with the same level of appetite I need four Stack Attacks from Wendys to get a full belly.

Burger King might soon have an entry that could seize the top prize. The msn money piece reports that the Burger King double cheeseburger will be 30% larger then the McDonald's offering. Left unstated is that I would imagine it will be flame broiled as well. It's about time Burger King started offering good value. All the Burger King value menu items up till now have left something to be desired. My only question is this, will the BK double cheese burger come with the condiments or will the 30% increased size come with a sacrifice of the pickles and ketchup or something? Thus far the BK double cheeseburgers are only available in select markets.


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