My Email to Glenn Nye

In Response to a recent communication I received from Glenn Nye's staff on the issue of health care I sent this response:

I understand the Blue Dogs' concerns about rural health care needs and the need to control costs.

I hope you also understand the need to include that pre-existing health care conditions also need to be included in the requirements for solving our national health care problems.

I do not understand how this problem can be solved without including everyone in our society being required to contribute toward the care of the elderly and the diseased. As long as the young and healthy are allowed to opt out up to the point they become sickly, health care coverage will still be unaffordable in one way or another.

I am not going to demand anything other then what you (we) come up with includes coverage for pre-existing conditions. I am going to watch closely to see if the solution you support meets the common sense test of actually solving the problem without making the problem worse.

Please be aware I am posting this communication on my blog, and that any response I receive from you might also be posted.
Let's see what we hear in response.


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