Cell phone use, the experts agree

The experts agree. After a study of both truck drivers and smaller vehicle drivers, Virginia Tech seems to agree with most of the conclusions I came up with based only upon experience.

This study was comprised after observation of over 6 million miles of observed behavior of drivers. Let me first state that 6 million miles is better then 4 times my own personal experience. Let me also state that anyone agreeing to observation of their driving habits were already on their best behavior unlike my rather less limited personal observations might be based upon real life experience.

But I am going to applaud the general results of the result of this study that was achieved by mere egg heads that do not have my experience. While I can quibble about some of the conclusions, I am amazed at just how accurate the results were.

I am going to add my support with what I call one of the most obviously correct conclusions of the study. Let me quote:
"Talking/listening to a cell phone allowed drivers to maintain eyes on the road and were not associated with an increased safety risk to nearly the same degree," the institute said. "These results show conclusively that a real key to significantly improving safety is keeping your eyes on the road."
Amen, hallelujah. While my efforts to keep my eyes on what is going on if front of me might be condemned by many as too apt to ignore that which that which is going on behind me, I am never going to condemn situational awareness. However I am going to insist that those who might condemn my own driving is less then perfect (eyes front) must agree that eyes kept anywhere on the road is better then eyes kept on the cell phone while they texted or dialed.

I will continue to insist that these experts observations about how a truck driver's performance on lonely stretches of highway, particularly late at night, might have been improved by engaging in cell phone conversations was not obvious. I can not accept that their observations does not match my experience.

The problems with cell phone usage is when drivers engage in using them during the most demanding needs for their attention. I would describe this as being during rush hour traffic in urban areas. From my experience (only 1.5 million miles) this is the greatest problem.

The eggheads conclusions might not be perfect, but the conclusion is not too far off the bulls eye.


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