Letter to Jim Webb on SCHIP funding

Here is a copy of what I sent Senator Jim Webb on the issue of funding the proposed expansion of SCHIP (States Childrens' Health Insurance Program).
First let me say that you enjoyed my vote when you were elected.

Second, let me state that in general I have been pleased with your service as one of my representatives in the Senate.

But I wish to discuss an issue that is very dear to me. This issue is the attempt to fund the proposed increase in SCHIP benefits at the expense of our state's economy.

It has been proposed that such an expansion should only be funded through an increase in the taxes on tobacco.

A large segment of your (our) state's economy is dependent on tobacco. I do not understand why Virginia's economy is expected to shoulder such an unfair share of the burden of funding the increase.

It is my expectation that you will be willing to represent all of the citizens of your state. I believe that you possess the power to stop the increase in tobacco taxes dead in its tracks by joining in a filibuster of the legislation until the increased tobacco taxes are removed.

While I am not a one issue voter, this issue is extremely important to me. I consider your actions on this issue to be a litmus test as to whether you are suitable to represent Virginia in the Senate. I wrote to you in 2008 about this issue, and the response I received from you was completely unsatisfactory.


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