Open Letter to Senator John Warner

Some time ago, after my Senator John Warner announced he would retire, I decided that towards the end of his term, I was going to write him a letter of thanks for all of his years serving the Commonwealth of Virginia and our nation. Today was the day I decided to do so. Unfortunately, I waited too long for this. In visiting his official website I found all contact information removed along with the statement that any correspondence he did receive after election day would be forwarded to the new Senator-elect.

Since I do not have his home address, and I reckon John does not want such correspondence sent there anyway, I decided to just publicly post my letter of thanks to him.

Dear Senator Warner,

I wish to thank you for your numerous years of service to the Commonwealth of Virginia and to our nation.

I wish you well in your retirement, however I hope you will remain at least somewhat politically involved during it. It is my belief that Virginia and America would benefit from your knowledge and experience when you desired to make your opinion known.

While I am confident that Virginia can find others to provide the leadership we need, it is with at least some trepidation that I survey where we might be now that your steady, proven hand will no longer be assisting us in the Senate.

While I regret the loss of your presence in Washington, I must admit you certainly earned your retirement after your long history of service.

I am sure I am not alone in wishing you well in retirement. Once again allow me to express my gratitude to you for being willing to be harnessed by the yoke of public service for all of these years.


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