Dream Vice President

I'm dreaming about who would be a fantastic Vice Presidential candidate.

I'm dreaming about Kent Conrad (Dem-North Dakota) being selected by someone.

Selecting Kent as a running mate with the promise of letting Kent be Kent would have a serious impact on my decision of who to vote for.

It would not matter to me which of the Presidential candidates recruited him. While Kent is a Democrat, there has been at least some talk of John McCain selecting across the aisle, so Kent Conrad running alongside John McCain is not inconceivable. My guess is that such a selection might propel McCain into overwhelmingly winning the independent, moderate vote.

But what about a more conventional pairing of Barack Obama with Kent Conrad? Wrong choice you say? Let's look back on history. Ultra-Liberal FDR once chose more moderate fiscal hawk Harry Truman to run alongside him. After FDR expired in office Harry Truman was forced to take office. The result was that America ended up having one of our finest Presidents ever to lead us during the extremely difficult post victory times after WWII.

Please do not forget that it is from Harry Truman that we get "The buck stops here".

Pairing idealistic Barack Obama with the down-to-earth Kent Conrad would garner real mileage that Barack would not lead our nation towards fiscal irresponsibility. That is as long as Barack promised to allow Kent his share of the bully pulpit.

It has happened before, and it could happen again. FDR once chose Harry Truman and Barack could choose Kent Conrad. Such a bold selection by Barack would signal to moderates that voting for him does not mean we are voting for fiscal insolvency. That fiscal responsibility will indeed have a position at the table during his administration.


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