Buyer's Remorse

Well, it's all but official. Barack Obama seems to have the delegate and super delegate support necessary to claim victory in the Democratic Primary race for the party nomination for the office of President of the United States.

(See here) an MSNBC piece that reports Hillary has not yet officially conceded. My opinion is that her race was so successful that she should not officially concede up until the convention. My own suggestion is that she simply acknowledge the math and cease campaigning while not taking the step of formally ending her campaign.

Why? A lot of water is going to go under the bridge between now and the end of August when the convention is going to happen and the Democratic Party officially selects their nominee. There will be ample time for buyer's remorse to kick in. Now that Barack is the presumptive nominee, he is going to become the target of pointed attacks by those who think he (or any Democrat) is unsuitable to serve as President.

As has been proven in the case of super delegates switching allegiance from Hillary to Barack, super delegates can change their mind any time up until the time they officially cast their vote on the convention floor. Evidently, it is even OK for committed delegates selected by popular vote to switch their allegiance after the fact (if it was OK for this to happen to Hillary, then it should be OK for it to happen to Barack).

Hillary could best serve the Democratic Party by not officially folding her tent at this moment. If over the next several weeks Barack proved himself incapable of broadening his appeal to more of the populace, and buyer's remorse did set in, then it will be less awkward to select a candidate who ran a close second and never officially conceded then it would be to attempt to resurrect a campaign from the ashes.

Perhaps Hillary could even appear with Barack, offer generous support and praise, while keeping options open for the Democratic Party. It is my opinion that this is how best Hillary Clinton can serve the Democratic Party and indeed our nation.

Barack Obama is the presumptive nominee. But it is not official until the end of August. Plenty of time for Buyer's Remorse to set in.


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