Jim Gilmore Running for Senate in Virginia

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore (Republican) is running for the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Republican John Warner.

Now we have two great men that are running for the seat. Along with Jim Gilmore, former Virginia Governor Mark Warner (Democratic) is seeking the office.

I am proud that my state has two such distinguished and respected persons seeking the office. While out of the gate I lean towards Mark Warner, my vote is not guaranteed and I am looking forward to a spirited campaign. Let's explore the issues and then may the best man win!

It is worthy of mention that Jim Gilmore does face some opposition and his nomination as the Republican candidate is not yet assured, however he leads in the polls and it is my opinion that Jim would be the best candidate to represent the Republicans against Mark Warner (who is certain to get the Democratic nod).

I might be biased, living in Virginia, but I have been thinking that Jim Gilmore would also be a good fit as John McCain's running mate as the Republican ticket's Vice Presidential candidate. Jim has executive experience he gained as Virginia's Governor, his selection and serving as RNC Chairman should make him an acceptable selection for VP to most of the Republican base, and if they are not then satisfied it is just impossible to satisfy them. It is worthy of note that I heard Jim resigned from his post as RNC Chairman after he got into it with Karl Rove. That should gain him some points from some voters. Think about it. If Jim had remained and Karl had resigned earlier, perhaps the 2006 elections might have come out a little different!

Now, Jim's selection as VP candidate would involve some sacrifice on the part of Virginia Republicans because it is my opinion that only Jim would stand any real chance of victory when matched up against Mark Warner. However as an Independent I would be willing to make this sacrifice because I do not object voting for a person just because the person is a Democrat. It is my opinion that Virginia would still be well served and represented by Mark Warner. If we could get the two of them to run for different offices we might be able to get both of them into office and benefit from the services of both of these fine men.


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