What's Wrong With Obama?

What's wrong with Obama? Why is it that I am so resistant to jumping on the Obama bandwagon?

As the Obama-Clinton campaign race developed, I kept finding myself gravitating towards Hillary Clinton. I really appreciated Obama's fine oratory, (that man can really stir up a crowd) however found little reason to prefer him over Hillary.

As the campaign got a little grittier, I actually started to dislike Obama. While Obama's and Clinton's proposals were so much alike, Barack promised he could deliver the change while insinuating that Hillary was somehow incapable. My own appraisal was that Hillary possessed, due to her experience, the ability to bring about the most change. Due to her experience, when dealing with Congress as President, she would know when to back down while continuing forward for the most change possible.

However Barack's campaign became "Vote for me and the changes I promise will happen. She can't do it." It was about then I started to really dislike the man.

Then it was revealed that the Barack campaign was just another empty run by a man wanting more power then he was ready for. It was revealed that while he promised to do something about NAFTA to the citizens of Ohio, leading officials in his campaign organization were secretly telling the Canadians he had no real intention of doing anything about it. Promises of change to the stupid voters, but wink wink, nudge nudge to the people in power.

Then the issue of the Reverend Wright came up. Turns out Reverend Wright holds many viewpoints that the average American might find offensive and the Reverend regularly preached his viewpoints from the pulpit. Barack Obama claims the Reverend Wright never preached anything offensive while he was sitting in the pew during his long term membership. (See here) where Real Clear Politics points to a YouTube clip where Barack denounces much of the preaching of the Reverend Wright.

My take? Evidently Barack Obama did not attend services at his church very often or he just was never caught on video sitting in the pew during the preaching. The Reverend's viewpoints disclosed in the videos I have seen exposes deep rooted thinking that would have been revealed even during attempts to preach the Gospel. It is absurd for Barack to claim ignorance on the viewpoints of his preacher, and his preacher was/is an America hating racist.

Forgiving Barack Obama for being the member of a racist congregation would be asking more of me then to forgive Trent Lott for saying a few words of praise towards Strom Thurmond during his (Trent's) infamous speech. Trent Lott was forced to resign as Senate Majority Leader due to that speech. I think the demand for resignation was just. However I am going to hold Barack Obama accountable to the same standards I did hold Trent Lott. I would find it extremely difficult to vote for Trent Lott for President. Just is difficult will I find it to vote for Barack Obama come November 2008 if Barack represents the Democratic Party.

There is NO EXCUSE for racism. There is reason to condemn any man (or woman) on things other then the color of one's skin. However I refuse to hold a black man less accountable then a white man. Racism is not OK just because your skin color is black.


Blogger Cory said...

Now, before I comment, Id just like to point out two things,

A. I think Obama is a worthless candidate for president, as well as Clinton.

B. Im in no way denying the charges you are making on Obama.

However, dont you think that most of what you are insinuating against him is very circumstantial? Do you think every person in the Nazi party was convinced the Jewish needed to die? Likewise, I think its a little bit much to automatically assume a congregation of people automatically share all of the values and beliefs of its leader. Now, am I saying he doesnt share the same beliefs? No, but Im not going to assume he does either.

As for the lies you pointed out, thats just more fence hoping from middle of the rode candidates. Hilary has fence hopped on Iraq and Pharmaceuticals, and Im sure countless other things. By definition middle of the road fence sitters will always keep popping back and forth, and playing both sides of the coin, because thats how to get elected. Now you know why I hate fence sitters, AKA "moderates". Im a fan of people who stick to their guns and arent afraid of collecting every single vote by telling everyone what they want to hear.

4/01/2008 01:34:00 PM  
Blogger Little David said...

Barack Obama is not exactly a
moderate. He has been ranked, based upon his voting record, as being the most liberal Senator now serving.

Perhaps even that is not far enough left for you?

As for Barack attending the church that he did, some have theorized that belonging to this church was a calculated move by Barack to win him favor with the black community early in his political career. By belonging to a church that pretty much paints the white man as evil, he was able to prove that he was "black enough" despite having a white mother.

I'm not sure if this is exactly true or not (it could be) however I am sure that I am offended by what was being preached in that church. If Barack gains some benefit from some portions of the public for having attended there fine. But he also is going to have to take the lumps as well from those who have problems with that attendance.

4/05/2008 07:30:00 PM  

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