Letter to Glenn Nye on SCHIP funding

Here is a copy of what I sent Representative Glenn Nye on the issue of funding the proposed expansion of SCHIP (States Childrens' Health Insurance Program).
First off, let me congratulate you on your election victory.

Second, let me express my gratitude to you for running Thelma Drake out of office. When your candidacy was announced, I didn't think you stood a chance. I am pleased you proved me wrong.

Now let me get into SCHIP.

I am in favor of the passage of the increased benefits offered in the SCHIP legislation, however I am 100% against the proposed method of funding it.

There is no reason that the Virginia economy should be expected to pay a much higher price to expand the coverage then nearly every other state.

A significant portion of Virginia's economy is tied to tobacco. The increased tobacco tax is not just designed to fund SCHIP, it is hoped that such an increase will drive the tobacco industry out of business.

I hope that you will send a message to the nation that your own state's economy should not be burdened in these difficult economic times with such an extreme increase in taxes. That if the majority of Americans desire an expansion of SCHIP, then the majority should be expected to chip in as well to pay for it.


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