I am a Blue Dog Democrat

I am a Blue Dog Democrat.

I have been looking at recent political elections trying to find a Republican I could vote for.  Every time I look closely at the Republican candidate in elections where I can cast my vote, I find evidence of support for the BIG THING that causes me to be a Democrat.  It seems every Republican is trying to destroy the American Way.

As an example:  Republican George Allen is running against Democrat Tim Kaine for one of Virginia's seats in the US Senate.  I do not agree with Tim Kaine on everything, however George Allen supports a flat tax.  He is in favor of destroying the progressive nature of the federal tax system (what little there is that is left which is still progressive) hence trying to destroy the American Way.

I have decided that when I cast my vote in November, I am going to cast a straight party line ballot with all the Democrats getting my vote.  I do not support everything the Democrats end up doing, but at least they are not trying to destroy the American Way.

Too bad we can not come up with a viable, moderate, third party.  When I look at all the alternate party choices available today, they all end up being extremists who are unhappy for one reason or another that the two existing dominant parties are not extreme enough for them.

OK, we have a two party system.  I have to choose between the lesser of two evils.  Well, in my estimation, the Democratic Party is the lesser evil and they win my support.  At least they are not trying to destroy the American Way (as I define it).  It is going to be my goal to work within the party to get as many moderate Democrats elected as possible, however even if the candidate is a bleeding heart liberal they are going to get my vote.

I am going to proudly say from now on that I am a Democrat and that I am proud that I am.  I will probably add that I am a Blue Dog Democrat, and I am proud of that as well.


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