Children Raised by Homosexuals

Recently, a furor was raised when CNN host Wolf Blitzer dared to question Vice President Dick Cheney about his lesbian daughter being pregnant. Egads, how politically incorrect and, uh, insensitive of Wolf!

I do not want to go too deeply into the issue of whether or not a homosexual couple can do as good a job at raising a child as a heterosexual couple. Personally, I am rather torn on this issue. I ask myself: Would it not be possible that a child could be better nurtured, at least during certain portions of their development, if they had TWO Mothers instead of only one, for example?

However, let me point to a NYTimes article (see it here) written by Katharine Q. Seelye that reports on what Vice President Cheney's daughter, Mary Cheney, had to say about the issue. Here is a quote from Mary:
“Every piece of remotely responsible research that has been done in the last 20 years on this issue has shown there is no difference between children who are raised by same-sex parents and children who are raised by opposite-sex parents,” she said. “What matters is that children are being raised in a stable, loving environment.”

Oh really Mary? No difference at all? Just how thorough were the researchers who conducted the studies? Or is the problem that anyone who qualifies for your definition of "remotely responsible research" are only those who agree with your opinion?

What am I quibbling about? Apply some common sense to the issue. It stands to reason that the children brought up by homosexuals are going to be more "tolerant" or "accepting" of those who adopt a homosexual lifestyle. This would seem to blow the "no difference between children who are raised by same-sex parents..." argument out of the water. There ARE differences. Mary just seems to think that "every reasonable person" would understand the differences are preferable. Anyone who disagrees with her is just unreasonable and their opinion can just be dismissed or something.

Well, in my opinion, any "reasonable" person will be willing to admit that there are differences. Mary Cheney has proven by her statement that she herself is unreasonable and is unwilling to examine whether the differences are a net gain for society or a net loss.

However, there is at least some truth in what Mary Cheney says. That part about being raised in a "stable, loving environment". Even I will admit that it is better for a child to be brought up in a loving environment by homosexuals then being drug up in a hate filled environment by heterosexuals.

However, in my opinion, all things otherwise being equal, the child will be better off being brought up in the heterosexual home then in the homosexual home.

Homosexuality goes against Mother Nature. It is better that a child is taught that this is so from an early age, by example foremost and if need be with instruction. It is not "OK to be gay". We should be tolerant of homosexuality, but that does not mean we should descend to the point that we encourage it.

But of course, that is just my opinion. I hope Mary Cheney will be as tolerant of me as she asks me to be of her. I'll tolerate her having that baby. But I am going to continue to insist it is wrong. Perhaps not "God awful" wrong, but at least not the "preferred" method to raise a child.


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