Stem Cells

Are you willing to allow experimentation with stem cells? Yes or no. Do not try to confuse the issue by drawing the line on experimenting with "adult" stem cells or "embryonic" stem cells.

Is experimentation with stem cells going to be allowed or not?

Stop being hypocrites.

There is no difference between "adult" stem cells and "embryonic" stem cells. Even if you force medical researchers to deal with only "adult" stem cells, you are only going to force these researchers to develop "cloned" embryos to achieve their results.

Now personally I do not see anything wrong with research obtained from embryonic stem cells. I think that anyone who thinks it is OK to do research on adult stem cells (and these people are also most often against "cloning") is a hypocrite.

A "cloned" embryo that results from an "adult" stem cell has as much potential to become a person as does the "embryonic" stem cell. Meanwhile American medical researchers are prevented from experimenting on the "real thing" up until American medical technology advances to the point "adult" embryos can serve the same purpose.

If you are going to allow experimentation on adult embryos, you might as well allow it on infant embryos. Do not force medical researchers to deal with your bullshit, twisted and unrealistic ethics.


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